Environment, safety and health are at the heart of our activity and constitute a priority for our company.

We develop mining projects based on respect for ethics in the protection of the environment, health, and safety in the workplace, to meet the requirements of our private and public partners and of our employees.

The goal is to protect everyone’s interests, to make those involved feel safe, and to guarantee everyone the necessary support and associated long-term benefits, during which rules, rights and quality of life can be guaranteed!

At Nimba Gold, we want local communities to feel involved in the project, respecting local traditions, and this can only be achieved through maintenance and a constant dialogue between the company and the communities, through which to achieve that level of environmental, ethical and economic sustainability that we want.

Efficient use of natural resources, in particular water and energy, containing and managing polluting emissions, the production of waste and their disposal also fall within the sphere of ethical and sustainable intervention.


Social actions were carried out for the well-being of the various communities found in the NIMBA GOLD permit:

The granting of seed grains to farmers and market garden groups.

The provision of personal protective equipment (PPE) and hygiene products, as well as training on COVID-19 prophylaxis measures.

Achieving community access with the development of rural roads.