Within the corporate DNA of Nimba Gold, there is a marked sensitivity towards an ethical and sustainable approach to mining.

The ethical and sustainable extraction of gold is possible, as long as it is approached concretely, with full respect of the inhabitants of the villages present in the areas of interest, preserving the biodiversity of an extraordinary territory, and improving response to customer requests.

Being a real priority, and not just a good one, the company’s activity takes place through close collaboration between our team and the communities that host us, who deserve to live and work with the guaranteed respect for human rights, safety in the workplace and safeguarding local traditions.

Efficient use of natural resources, in particular water and energy, containing and managing polluting emissions, the production of waste and their disposal also fall within the sphere of ethical and sustainable intervention.


The goal is to protect everyone’s interest, making the people involved feel safe and ensuring all the necessary support and related benefits in the long term, all the while guaranteeing the rules, their rights and quality of life.

We at Nimba Gold want local communities to feel involved in the project and to respect their local traditions. This can be achieved through ongoing dialogue and relationship between the company and the communities, enabling us to reach the appropriate level of environmental sustainability, ethics and economy.

In this way we can offer our customers a product obtained sustainably, traceable during all the various stages of extraction and processing, in line with the highest available standards and guaranteeing respect for the rights, health, and safety of its workers, suppliers, and residents involved in the operations.