Who we are


Made up of a team of professional and determined geologists and geophysicists, equipped with the most modern technology and systems in geophysics.

Nimba Gold Sarl aims to develop mining research, to innovate to make its activities more efficient, to ensure the transfer of skills to actors in the sector, in particular to young students specializing in mining, to implement a respectful exploitation of environmental ethics through the redevelopment and rehabilitation of exploited areas for the benefit of communities.

The stages

  • In 2015 the company Nimba Gold Sarl was founded, specialised in research of gold.
  • In 2018 Nimba Gold Sarl is strengthened by entering into a partnership with Faggi Enrico spa, an Italian company leader in the processing and trading of precious metals. Equipped with the most modern technology and system, it refines precious metals such as gold, silver and platinoids from industrial processing waste.
  • In May 2019, Nimba Gold obtained a new exploratory mining concession for an area of 95 km2 in the sub-prefecture of Siguirini. The exploration permit for gold and associated minerals N ° 22612, according to Order N° A/2019/3280/MMG.
  • In January 2020, after a period of study and design, research work begins on the research permit in collaboration with the Moroccan company ATLAS GEO-SERVICES (AGS) and the South African company BENZU MINERALS (https://www.benzuminerals.com).